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In Chic Project you will find all the detailed information related to the experiment that is taking place under the supervision of the United Kingdom government, in order to develop the drone’s functions for taking care of our national parks and even reach the most inaccessible and faraway places in them. With this, the government plans to reduce not only the expensive costs of paying a lot of people for what now can be done by having one person overseeing the drone’s feed, but also to reduce the effort that people had to make walking all over the fields in order to verify its health.

In this web site people will get informed all about the progress of this new method of aerial surveillance because I, Dominic Akhtar, had the dream to create a website able to inform people about projects taking place that helps the human progress and the new possible methods to do so without risking any unwitting and accidental damage to an ecosystem due to human presence.

Chic Project is the result of the work of an incredible and professional team that is willing to gather and keep updates on the best and brand new information of progress the humanity is making in the fields of agriculture and ecology.

We try to make of this web site a place in which users can be proud of the good advances the world is making now and the drone technology is actually on that make us to believe that there are way in which technology means no damage to our planet, and can actually be used to assist the endeavors to improve our environment, doing tasks that could actually help us to make her even more alive. Finally, whenever you want to have the most updated information of this amazing project you can come to Chic Project where me along and with a team of trusted professional in the developments of brand new technologies that are available, will make sure to answer any of your doubts concerning this and its related fields. Actually, that’s the main reason why this web site exists.